3 factors that can affect a person’s health

We live with the notion that nothing can go wrong with our life and it usually gets a little late when we realize it can. One of the things that we can set right during the days of our life is to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So let us take a look at some of the factors that affect our health and how we can work towards having a great lifestyle.

Physical well-being

Being physically well is imperative to leading a comfortable life. Both men and women need to be physically fit. But women need particular care when it comes to staying healthy as they go through different stages in life that men do not have to. For example, pregnancy is the period of time in a woman’s life where things change physically and mentally. Getting back to the stage, when you were before pregnancy, is a process that takes years. It is important to have regular check-ups done because the change they go through over the years is something that is incomprehensible.

Sex life

It is a topic that is not much talked about in the society due to how personal the topic can get. But it is important for a person to have a healthy and consistent sexual relationship throughout his life to lead a happy and healthy life. Sexual health defines the way things can go in a relationship. A couple who are satisfied with their sex life is seen to be happy compared to those who are not. It might lead to other issues and can eventually lead to the relationship ending in a bad way.

Sexual health also means being free from diseases that are transferred sexually. Having multiple sexual partners can lead to the infection of STDs, and some of these like HIV/AIDS is an extremely serious condition that the person’s life will be spoiled.

It is also important to use protection to avoid STDs and also unwanted pregnancies that can destroy all the future planning of a family.


Sound mental health is required to carry out day to day activities and help in leading a normal life. In students, it is seen that the academic stress sometimes breaks them and can lead to a number of disorders. Not scoring good grades can result in a child not being able to handle the situation well and ending up having a nervous breakdown or other mental issues.

People who are at work are seen to be under constant pressure to improve their performance and are seen to succumb to the pressure. The pressure from work can transcend to their homes and also affect their family life leading to a greater mess.

It is seen that a balance between work and social life is not able to be achieved by most of the people, which results in such issues. It has to be kept in mind that things should not be taken seriously and there is always time for you to have some fun. Know that you are the most important person in your life and do things that would make you and the ones around you happy and healthy.

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