Excessive Sweating – Is It A Medical Condition?

Sweating is a natural thing that occurs when it is necessary for the body to cool down. After severe exercise your body becomes hot and the same is the case when it is a hot weather. In such cases, sweating cools down the body. Fever can also make you sweat. Some people may sweat a little more than others and it’s perfectly normal. But say that you are not doing any physical work, just sitting in front of the TV in an air-conditioned room and in perfectly good health but sweating like someone who just walked out of the gym. Then it’s not normal. It indicates that you have a health issue.

Medical causes of excessive sweating

Is excessive sweating a sign of diabetes? Well, yes. There are also other health conditions that are associated with excessive sweating. People who are overweight will have an excessive sweating problem. If you have a thyroid problem then you are likely to sweat a lot. Heart problems have also been linked to excessive sweating.If you have night sweats then there is high chance that germs have spread to parts of your heart. In such case, you need to visit a doctor right away. If there is a blood clot in one of the major vessels of the heart then you might have excessive sweating. Symptoms of a certain type of cancer are also excessive sweating. You may suffer from anxiety disorder if you sweat too much. All these medical problems need immediate medical attention.

How to treat excessive sweating?

You should use antiperspirant daily. These can prevent perspiration. You can apply it to your underarm areas and any places where you sweat more. You can use talcum powder to make you feel comfortable. You should change your clothes and socks often so that you don’t develop any bad odor. If you have any medical condition for which you are sweating too much then you should see a doctor.

If you find out that you have an excessive sweating problem, don’t feel embarrassed about it. The case can be serious. You should first find out whether your sweating is normal or not. If you find anything abnormal it is wise to go for a complete health checkup. Excessive sweating can put you under social pressure. You may not feel comfortable shaking hands with your colleagues or going to social gatherings. But you shouldn’t ignore this condition as it may have serious consequences if left untreated. The excessive sweating condition shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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